Dr. S.P Singh


Message From The Founder & General Manager

"Quality education is the dire need of all times but quality should be understood in terms of meaningful adjustment in the society. We experiment with the most effective teaching practices. Students are trained to learn through interaction with various aspects of life. We maintain the most effective teaching approaches, techniques, ideologies, and ambiance. Innovations and their adaptation to specific circumstances are to be encouraged to a greater degree.

I need to speak that such a time is slouching towards us as we have not yet identified it and we don't know what other jobs will exist according to future needs. We can easily understand that time will change all modules and methods. Entire human race is undergoing a big change. As an institution, we all evolve beyond providing education and handing over certificates and degrees. Teachers ensure that students are harnessed with the skills needed for the future. Pedagogical innovations are in routine, thinking over national and global levels.

Today we are living in an era of rapid flux and baffling complexities. Students are taught the original aspect of humanity that transcends human soul irrespective of gender, race, color, caste, creed and religion.

Human race is one. For collective growth, oneness of mankind must be nurtured in individuals' mind. We educate our students in such a way as they realize oneness of mankind. A student's life will be adjudged according to his meaningful adjustment in the society which is the ultimate aim of education.

Being educated in real sense is being human in true sense. This is the essence of quality education.

At last, I would say that education does not mean piling of information and worldliness only, but to attain wisdom- a light, that does a lot for the sake of mankind. Here at Lucknow Public College of Professional Studies, strenuous efforts are made by skilled educators to ensure the totality of education."

Dr. S.P. Singh

Founder & General Manager


Ms. Garima Singh


Message From The Director

Dear Scholars,

In this era of diversification, we need to create a pathway to work conjointly to embark our footprints in shaping up every student into a global citizen. Keeping this in view, we bring distinct cultures; both national and international, in conjunction to enrich the society with the values and thriving to metamorphose Uttar Pradesh into a cosmopolitan state.

Enriching the areas such as: academics, innovations, aesthetics, administration, management, sports, culture and globally accepted trends, our system of education is illimitable by the boundaries of name; it is guided by an exemplary excellence in every field of human activity. 

Being an inseparable part of Lucknow Public College of Professional Studies, a premier and covated educational institution of India... I believe in integrating ones’ energy towards the attainment of high-yeilding goals which could benefit society as a whole.

All individuals at LPCPS are provided an equal opportunity to excel. We bring together the minds of diverse cultures prevailing across the world thereby projecting unity in diversity on the world forum.

I feel extremely happy and privileged to be a part of this magnificent educational institution and gratefully acknowledge the service of my dedicated Faculty members & other Staff besides supportive parents for helping us to accelerate our journey towards achieving our mission - To prepare students for a better tomorrow. LPCPS is a place where careers are carved and citizens  sculpted.

I wish every student a bright and fruitful future.

Ms. Garima Singh



Prof. Anil Singh


Message From The Principal

Education is not a means of preparing for life, but rather life itself. The goal of Lucknow Public College of Professional Studies is to educate students so that they can assume their rightful place as world leaders by providing a comprehensive education. At Lucknow Public College of Professional Studies, real-world application of knowledge and skills is the hallmark of the education revolution. The compassionate and empathic environment at LPCPS has aided students in developing into well-grounded professionals and outstanding citizens. We provide a platform for all students to participate in a variety of activities, from dance club to artificial intelligence.

As the principal of Lucknow Public College of Professional Studies, I am honoured and privileged to be a part of such a wonderful educational institution where every student is a learner and every day is an opportunity to study and discover new things. We believe that UP should have high standards and a firm commitment to understanding and improving the educational process through a team strategy that is solely focused on student accomplishment. Many of your questions will be answered by browsing this website. I hope to create an environment that fosters meaningful learning and value-based education.

Prof. Anil Singh


Dean Academics

Prof. L.S Awasthi


Message From The Dean Academics

Dear Students,

I hope that you and your families are healthy and that you have been able to find new ways to appreciate and care for one another during this unprecedented time. Since March 2020, the world pressure has suffered under the weight of a global pandemic that locked down government offices, service organizations, schools, and businesses. The effects of the pandemic on everyone have been hard and painful. 

The past year has exposed the dedication and ingenuity of our world class faculty and staff, as well as the grit and tenacity of our students. They all adjusted to this new normal, continued to engage, and remained focused on our goal of impacting our state at large through graduates from a diverse background ethnically, linguistically, and socio-economically, who would serve our communities with passion, compassion, and excellence. 

Despite the pandemic, we were able to graduate eligible candidates in the 2020-2022 academic years. The Internal Quality Assessment Cell at LPCPS in coordination with the placement cell, conducted placement drive for the students who lost the bread earners of their family in the pandemic. 

As the IQAC head, I believe that candidates must have a strong grounding in the content knowledge necessary to guide learners and must also possess the skills necessary to respond to the needs of those learners. The implementation of New Education Policy has also added to our value based education system.

As we have recently been shown, this is a time when old assumptions have been thrown out the door. A time when we’ve seen dramatic changes to everyday life none of us would have believed as we welcomed in the new year of 2020.  Let new ideas combine with evidence on what works and come together in new collaborations, breaking down traditional barriers because we’re all in this channel together.
At the end, what you are doing is important, and even though these two years have taken a dramatic turn, know that your chosen field has become even more important, and what you choose to do can and will make a difference. Whatever you do, you still leave this place prepared and empowered to make a contribution. You are the future leaders and the society look back to you. And I am optimistic, for your progressive height future. I am confident that  those who follow you will look back at this time with pride and thankfulness.

Prof. L.S. Awasthi

Dean Academics


Dr. Ashish Kaushal

Dr. Ashish Kaushal

Designation : Academic Coordinator & Associate Professor

Qualification : Ph.D(Commerce),MBA (Finance), M.Com., NiSM Certification from NSE

Research : Finance & Accounting

Subject Taught : Finance, Accounting & Taxation

Mr. Ajay Gupta

Mr. Ajay Gupta

Designation : Academic Coordinator & Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.Sc.(C.S), MCA, M.Phil

Research : Management Information System

Subject Taught : Programming Languages(C,C++,Java), Data Structure, Information System, SAD, DBMS

Head of Departments

Dr. Hari Mohan Saxena

Dr. Hari Mohan Saxena

Head of Department : Department of Management

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D, M.Phil, UGC-NET (Management), MBA, B.Ed

Research : Human Resource & Marketing

Subject Taught : Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Personality Development

Dr. A.K.Rai

Dr. A.K.Rai

Head of Department : Department of Computer Science

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D (CS & Engineering), M.Phil., M.Sc(CS)

Research : A.I., Fuzzy Logic

Subject Taught : Microprocessor, Digital Electronics, A.I, Open Source

Dr. Mayank Singh

Dr. Mayank Singh

Head of Department : Department of Commerce

Designation : Associate Professor

Qualification : Ph.D, MBA, NET (Management)

Research : Finance & Marketing

Subject Taught : Business Laws, Trade of India, Taxation, WCM

Dr.  Vrijesh Kumar Pandey

Dr. Vrijesh Kumar Pandey

Head of Department : Department of Science

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D

Research : Electronics

Subject Taught : Physics

Mr. Manish Sachan

Mr. Manish Sachan

Head of Department : Department of Arts

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D (Pursuing), NET, M.Phil, MJMC

Research : Social Media and Journalism

Subject Taught : Research Methodology, New Media Journalism