Anti-Ragging Committee


Anti-Ragging Committee has been made in our college, which includes the senior faculty members of the college and the members of the Proctorial Board .The main function of this committee is to monitor ragging on a daily basis and if there is any incident related to it ,then take action as per rules. The members of this committee are regularly assigned duty in morning and evening hours so that the objective can be achieved.

The members of this committee do surprise searches on the campus of the college so that such incidents can be detected. To prevent and monitor the incidents of ragging, cameras, posters with helpline numbers for the student has been installed and displayed at all the major areas.

Since the formation of committee no anti-ragging cases have been detected. No FIR has been lodged by the institution. And if any such incident happens, students can contact any committee members at any time. The contact numbers of Anti-Ragging Committee members is freely available on the link below:

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