Shubharambh-ek nayi Shuruwat

Rolling into an atmosphere of joy and excitement, as if happiness has painted the day with its most vibrant colors.

LPCPS Presenting you the Glimpse of 'Shubharambh-ek nayi Shuruwat'

We hope you had a fantastic time at the Freshers. It was an incredible day filled with laughter, dancing and making new friends, extending our gratitude to all the attendees for making it a memorable event.

Guest of honour:

Mrs. Anita Mishra

(Director of Lakme Academy & Saloon Lucknow and Varanasi)

Mr. Vishal Pandey (Winner of Radio City Super Singer 2017, Voice of Awadh and BIG F.M Golden voice)

Mr. Amrit Sinha

(Cultural Head of Lucknow Public Schools and Colleges)

We warmly welcome Freshers into our LPCPS Family, here's a glimpse and the new face Tags of 'Shubharambh- Ek nayi Shuruwat' 2023.Mr. Fresher: Rudraksha Manocha

Miss. Fresher: Mandvi Singh

Mr. Spark: Srajal Srivastava

Miss. Spark: Ritrika Mishra

We the family of LPCPS congratulates these four Individual who have not only graced us with their charisma but have also captured our hearts with their incredible talents, Congratulations on your well-deserved titles, and we can't wait to see the magic you'll bring to our college in the years to come.