“Discussion on Budget - Key Highlights, Analysis, Pros & Cons”

'Budget 2023: World comes to India' - Times of India Department of Commerce of LPCPS organised a Panel Discussion on 'Union Budget 2023: Key Highlights, Analysis, Pros & Cons' sponsored by The Times of India. The total amount of money set for the Year 2023-24, how the education sector received its highest-ever allocation of INR 1.12 lakh crore, governments' focus on green practices and development in Artificial Intelligence were some of the key points discussed during this discussion. The panelists also shared their views and discussed various aspects of the Union Budget 2023 to help the students broaden their horizons on National Economy and how we can boost it. Speakers of this Panel: 1. Mrs. Kanti Singh, Ex-MLC & Administrative Head, Lucknow Public Schools & Colleges 2. Mrs. Garima Singh, Director, LPCPS 3. Dr. L.S. Awasthi, Dean Academics, LPCPS 4. Dr. A.K. Sen Gupta, Mentor, LPCPS 5. Mr. Shivendra Pratap Singh, Department of Commerce 6. Dr. Richa Mishra, Department of Commerce 7. Mr. Neeraj Kumar Singh, Department of Arts of Journalism and Mass Communication