After wearing Lucknowa Khaki, we have to fulfill many responsibilities. A lot of work has to be done and decisions have to be taken by staying within the law, but apart from the job we are human beings and we have the same sensitivity. We are also part of the social family. Because of this, I would like to tell the youth that if they see wrong with their responsibility, then speak up and take action, we are with the youth. Saying this, Joint Commissioner of Police Law and Order Piyush Modia started a dialogue with the students on Tuesday. A dialogue on the topic 'Come Together Stop Women's Violence' was organized by Amar Ujala Aparajita 100 Million Smiles and IQAC Cell Lucknow Public College of Professional Studies. During this, JCP, speaking to about one thousand students as the chief guest, said that the police is very few and the number of people in the society is very high. We will do our duty, but we need the support of the society, especially the youth. If you need our help and guidance, we will give it. My appeal to all is that wherever you are, whether it is home-family or school-college, strengthen your shoulders, leave the habit of ignoring and move forward. Piyush Modia Take help of helpline, don't be silent 181. There are many other facilities including helpline numbers like 1090 or 112. What is needed is to break the silence. People usually ignore events. If it is with others, they do not care and in their case take the chosen one out of social fear. Dr. Archana Singh, ACP Cat