Eligibility: The competition is open to students of Nova category, who are interested in science and technology. Topic: The theme of the competition is ‘Ingenious Inventions’. Participants are required to create a working model of an innovative and creative invention that solves a real-world problem or makes a task easier. Materials: Participants are allowed to use any materials they choose, provided that they are safe and appropriate for the project. Size and weight: The model should be of a manageable size and weight so that it can be easily transported and displayed. Functionality: The model must be a working prototype of the invention. The judges will evaluate the model based on its functionality, effectiveness, and creativity. Presentation: Participants should be prepared to give a brief presentation on their invention, explaining the problem it solves, the materials used, and the process of creating the model. Judging criteria: Judges will evaluate the models based on functionality, effectiveness, creativity, and presentation skills. They will also consider how well the invention solves the problem it is designed for, and how well it can be scaled up for wider use. Awards: Prizes will be awarded to the top-performing models, as determined by the judges. Originality: Participants must ensure that their invention is original and not a copy of an existing product or invention. Safety: All models must be safe to handle and operate. Any hazardous materials or components must be clearly marked and handled with caution. Ethics: All participants must adhere to ethical standards and ensure that their invention does not cause harm to others or the environment. No. of Members: 2 Members per team Time Limit: 1 Hour